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Just finished the shooting of our new short film "The Actress"
Starring the wonderful Zazie de Paris
First stills:

Zazie de Paris as

Mario Montez, the first Andy Warhol Superstar!
A friend and I made a short film with him last summer. "A Lazy Summer Afternoon with Mario Montez". It was shown on this years Berlinale (Berlin International Filmfestival).
Mario Montez was one of the first Superstars of Andy Warhol! He made several films with him in the 60s and 70s (Chelsea Girls…). He also worked with the underground filmmaker legend Jack Smith. I’m really proud to work with him nearly 50! years later.

The Special TEDDY AWARD will go to the godfather of all superstars Mario Montez.
According to John Waters, ‘Mario Montez was the first ‘SUPERSTAR’ ever!
A Jack Smith goddess stolen away by Warhol. She lit up both directors’ screens and forever holds the highest position of royalty
in the world of underground cinema.’ For the award, John Waters will appear live by videolink from Baltimore.
The Special TEDDY AWARD goes to a leading individual for his or her lifetime achievements as an artist.

These Days from fotomichel on Vimeo.

The waterfall in Viktoriapark at Berlin Kreuzberg near my home. I love to spent my free time there.
A little video I made with my new Canon Ixus 100IS.
The new "LA ZOMBIE" by Bruce LaBruce. We Co-produced and hopefully will edit a porn-version...
COMING SOON...... AAaarrghh.....

Just because I like it soo much...


Back from holiday. Spent a few days with friends and Max at the baltic sea (Like every year...) Watch the boys!